Gorgeous Valentine's Day Makeup Looks

Thanksgiving is one of the popular family holidays, which is mainly associated with food and family gatherings. Traditionally, Thanksgiving is not considered a gift-giving holiday,  it is rather thought of as a time to spend with family and friends around a full table. 

However, some people do not want to show up for Thanksgiving dinner empty-handed, especially if they’ve been invited by a non-family member and want to say an extra “thank you” to the host who has been cooking and preparing dinner for the whole day. If you also want to show your appreciation to the dinner host here are some amazing thanksgiving gift ideas for you that your host will appreciate. 

Hollywood Makeup

Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to transfer your makeup focus to your lips. A clear arrow that highlights the depth of the look, along with red lipstick, is a fantastic Valentine’s Day makeup choice. With a scarlet pencil and lipstick, you can get a perfect lip contour in no time. This method will visually change the size of your lips. Furthermore, red lipstick suits everyone – the key is to select “your” perfect undertones.


Wet Makeup

First of all, this type of makeup suits everyone without exceptions. The natural shades of cosmetics will emphasize your features while giving freshness to your face. The most important thing is to get a high-shine finish with glossy textures. To create wet makeup, use shades of pink, peach, lilac, beige and golden palettes. Secondly, you can do it by yourself without the help of a professional makeup artist. There are tons of video tutorials on youtube that will help you to do it. And finally, the wet makeup will go with any clothes and style.

Glowy Skin Makeup

Natural glowy skin is the base of makeup for a date. Therefore, no diamond-shined powder or glitter on the cheekbones. Instead, add a drop of liquid highlighter to your foundation. By applying it evenly to your face, you will get the desired effect: fresh, gorgeous, “live” skin that you may adore indefinitely.


Because it is preferable not to try bright makeup for Valentine’s Day, choose a restrained image in the nude range. Emphasize the smokey eyes with beige and brown tones, and delicately apply a creamy or transparent balm on your lips.

Lip Gloss Balm

Another option is avoiding using bright lipstick for lip makeup and sticky gloss. A balm that shines wetly on the lips while also moisturizing sensitive skin is the best option. Trendy transparent lipsticks that enhance the natural tone of the lips come in handy for those who can’t live without color on their lips.

Graphic Eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner is a new trend in the makeup world. You have already seen the graphic eyeliner on the models parading on the catwalk. And it’s the right time to try it for yourself. The beauty of makeup is that it’s one detail but it changes your look completely. These eyeliners require symmetry and neatness. One sloppy movement and you will spoil your arrow lines. It’s difficult but when you practice it, the results will not make you wait. For making your eyes more expressive, use mascara. However, some makeup artists refuse to draw more eyeliners saying that one line is enough.

Cat Eyes

Cat-eye makeup is a popular makeup method that uses eyeliner or shadows to create a wide, playful arrow on the upper eyelid: this technique helps to create a mysterious and crafty “cat” image. Cat-eye makeup is typically used as part of an evening look, but it can also be applied during the day; simply select a lighter color of eyeshadow or eyeliner and draw a delicate arrow. First, apply natural eyeshadow and using a pencil, mark the place where you will make a line. In this case, it will be easy to fix your mistakes. Next, connect the dots by drawing a line with a fine line brush. Starting from the center to the outer corner, make a thinner liner and then connect it to the inner one. If there are some mistakes, clean them up with a cotton swab. Finish your eye makeup with mascara. Glamorous evening makeup is ready.

Brown Tones

Brown eye makeup always makes a statement. Brown makeup is versatile and charming for most women. It is noble and elegant while being delicate. You can choose shades of chocolate brown. This is a monochromatic makeup with a focus on the outer corners of the eyes and a very soft finish, At the same time, there are no clear contours. The lips are either nude or somewhat lighter, bringing all attention to your stunning eyes. With this makeup, you will be more gorgeous than ever before.

Valentine’s Makeup

Useful Tips

Cleanse the skin in three steps: make-up remover – foam or gel – tonic (the first can be done as needed).

Use eye patches. This will help to reduce puffiness and refresh your eyes.

Apply a mask that brightens and smoothes the skin.

Apply a favorite moisturizer. This is your guarantee of long-lasting makeup.

Don’t forget about smiling, because you are beautiful!

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