Sweat-Proof Makeup Tips for Summer 2022

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Summer is here with its long sunny days, warm weather, beach vacation, and … sweating! Probably each of you have tons of summer makeup looks saved from your favorite makeup artists and can’t wait to create all those great looks. But instead, you get a smudged sweaty look. 

By applying too much makeup and not being careful enough with the beauty products you can end up having a greasy look with a sticky lipstick, melting foundation, and primer slipping off your face.

Summer is one of the most wonderful times of the year, and no one wants to have ruined makeup sliding off their face, do they?

If you really want to enjoy summer without worrying about your makeup, then continue reading, as we’ll reveal sweat-proof makeup tips for summer to help you look fresh and beautiful even during the hottest days.

Let’s dive in.

Choose The Right Moisturizer

Before starting your makeup, you should take good care of your skin. Hydrating your skin is actually much more important than a beautiful look, as it affects the health of your skin. Use an oil-free moisturizer and skincare products, which are designed to minimize oil production. The summer heat can increase sebum production. And even if you don’t have oily skin, it can become greasy during hot weather. Here you can find some of the best moisturizers for any skin type. They will help to absorb your skin’s oil, and your face won’t look greasy throughout the day.

Choose The Right Moisturizer
use sunscreen

Protect Your Skin from Sun

In addition to hydrating, your skin also needs sun protection. Summer sun rays can burn your skin, so it’s better to use sunscreen even under makeup. It’s recommended to use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your neck too.

Cool Off Your Skin Before Applying Any Makeup

Do you tend to apply makeup right after the shower? Try to get rid of that habit, as applying makeup on warm skin can cause breakouts and your skin won’t look as great as you wanted. Wait some 10 minutes to cool off your face and then apply the makeup.


Use Less Makeup

One of the most relevant tips is to use less makeup. There is no need to apply tons of creams and powders, you can always look great with less makeup. Besides, your look will be more natural and fresh, and your skin will stay healthier.

Choose lighter makeup with fewer layers and don’t forget to take care of your skin properly, as applying too much makeup on damaged skin can make it worse.

Also, take some breaks. Don’t apply makeup every day, let your skin relax at least on weekends by applying only your essential skincare routine products.

Invest in a Good Primer

Applying primer before your foundation and after the moisturizer is a very important step. It helps to hold the makeup in place. Primer is the base on which the rest of the makeup lies. It’s also a sort of protection so that your skin won’t contact directly with chemical products. It’s not heavy and you won’t even notice that additional layer on your face. Note that the primer should also be oil-free and waterproof.

light foundation

Try To Use Light Foundation

Try to use a water-based and waterproof foundation. A thick foundation is more likely to melt off during hot summer. So, in warm months choose more light foundations that are oil-free and won’t look heavy on your skin. A water-based foundation combined with sunscreen creates a layer of protection that will fix the basic part of makeup in place.

Powders VS Creams

Choose wisely between powders and creams. Powders can look cakey in the heat especially when you start sweating, and you might have an unattractive look. To avoid that switch to cream-based products. Fixing powders, eye shadows, blushes, you can replace all of them with cream-based products for the same purposes. They absorb and merge better with your skin and you’ll avoid the risk of melting makeup.

powder vs cream products

Avoid Dark Colors

Rich, deep colors create a magnificent look, but in summer they can look heavy. When you’re sweating, dark colors will be more noticeable if they smudge. So, avoid smoky eyes and dark blushes, go for more bright and light colors. The best choice is nude and soft colors, especially for the eyes. Pro tip: if your eye makeup is slipping off, use an eyelid primer. It will help your eye makeup last longer and will minimize creasing. What refers to lips, again choose brighter colors. If you need an extra definition, apply a lip liner with a nude shade.

Switch to Cream Blush

Blush gives a healthy and balanced look and adds a natural flush to your cheeks. Avoid using powder blushes to prevent that cakey makeup. Instead, you can use a gel or blush stain and then apply cream blush on top of it.

cream blush

Save Your Makeup with Blotting Paper

Always keep a pack of blotting papers in your bag. Whenever you feel greasy, just press lightly the blotting paper on your face and it will absorb the excess oil and sweat. If you want to liven up your makeup, use the blotting paper first and only then use the makeup products.

Long-Lasting Lip Stains Instead of Heavy Lipsticks

If you want to add some bright tint to your lips, then choose lip stains instead of heavy matte lipsticks. Lips stains are long-lasting and will give you a shiny look. Besides, you can always apply a lip balm on it to moisturize your lips without worrying about color going off.

lip stain
sweat-proof products

Choose Waterproof and Sweat-Proof Products

Try to replace your favorite products with waterproof ones. The market is full of long-lasting waterproof makeup products, so you’ll have no trouble finding what you want. Choose liquid eyeliners, which will last longer on greasy eyelids, and waterproof mascara for your eyelashes.

Finalize with Setting Spray

If you want your makeup to last all day and night, your final step should be the setting spray to firmly seal in your look. For the even application of it, keep the bottle about at arm’s length and don’t spray in long spritzes.

setting spray
drink water

Drink Water

Keep your body hydrated and cool from the inside and you will sweat less. Your skin will stay dry. Carry a water bottle with you and drink frequently. You can also add some ice to keep it cold.

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