Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2022

Have you ever thought of having a bright and modern kitchen? Or are you fond of a kitchen that is designed in an antique style? Perhaps everyone wants to have an innovative and extraordinary kitchen. You can have the room of your dreams just by refreshing and updating your kitchen.

The kitchen is the busiest space in your home where you and your family enjoy spending most of your time. It does not matter what size your kitchen is, there is always a fantastic renovation idea for every kind of kitchen. Even small changes like arranging furniture, hanging antique lightning or painting the walls can make a great change. 

We picked up five good renovation ideas ranging from creative flooring to a stylish kitchen island and simply a lot in between. Roll up your sleeves and get to work because these inspirational renovation ideas are waiting for you.

Choose a Color Palette

The kitchen is the heart of your home and the colors of a kitchen will decorate all around. Choosing a color for your kitchen can be a great start for a renovation. In this way, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it. What you need are paints and a brush or wallpapers. The colors you choose will set the tone of the room. For 2022, kitchen trendy colors vary from warm and fresh colors to dark ones. Before choosing the tone of the kitchen, you should also take the colors of the furniture into consideration. Designers suggest combining  bright colors with green, gold accents, natural wood tones, and woven textures. Even so, if you want to create a subtle contrast, use two shades of the same color, not three or four. 

Designers advise these 2022 main trendy colors for the kitchen:

  • Bold grey
  • Matte black
  • Blonde wood
  • Earthy pink
  • Navy blue
  • Pure white
  • Mint green
  • Cheery yellow

Buy a Kitchen Island

One of the best ways to give a new breath to your kitchen is by adding or updating a kitchen island. Nowadays, you can find this kind of furniture in modern houses. The kitchen island gives you an opportunity to have more storage. Before buying the item, take the size of your kitchen space into account. Be sure there is a free space to walk around the island or you have ample room to open appliances. It’s up to you to decide the features of your kitchen island, such as waterfall countertops, built-in storage, open shelves or even a slide-out table for having dinner, breakfast or any meal. To make your island more beautiful, you can also add counter chairs along its length. Overall, a kitchen island is stunning, functional and solid, and it would look great in a large kitchen.

Get Creative Lighting

If you want to remodel your kitchen without spending a lot of money, you are in the right place. Lighting is a simple way to make a great difference in your kitchen by enhancing the existing design and complementing the kitchen decors. Lighting ideas range from pendants, chandeliers, globes, flush-mounts, and more. You can also install your lighting by combining different types of it. 

Depending on the arrangement of the furniture, you will need to light accordingly. For the kitchen island, you need to fit pendant lighting. You can take two of the pendants and hang them 30-35 inches over the island with six inches from the island’s edge. The distance between the two lights depends on the size of your island. 

Except for ambient lighting that helps you navigate through the room, you may also need lighting under the cabinet. Sometimes it is dark or shadowed under the cabinet and this lighting will help you to easily do under-cabinet work such as preparing meals, reading recipes and more. 

So, the right lighting will let you enjoy the space and the meals from breakfast to dinner. 

Have fun With the Floor

The kitchen is the busiest room in the home, so you need durable and functional flooring. The flooring sets the visual tone of your kitchen. For making the right choice, combine comfort, function and style. In 2021, lighter and more “natural” wood colors are in the trend. 

Since there are a lot of spills in the kitchen, you will definitely want a floor that is easy to clean and maintain. LIkewise, waterproof material is also a key feature. The most durable flooring types are the ones with concrete, rubber, tile, vinyl, stone, laminate and wood designs. Equally, you can also spread a rug in the kitchen without an island. In this way, you will break up the open space. Whatever style you choose, it should be long-lasting and sustainable.

Try Open Shelvings

One of the easiest ways to renovate your kitchen is by creating open shelvings. The open shelving works partially for design and more for function. You can be creative with these shelves and play around with them. But it does not mean you should get rid of your cabinetry. Just add some shelves next to the windows or spare corners of the room. The shelves can serve as storage, a pantry, a coffee bar and more. 

The easiest way to create open shelves is to remove the doors of the cabinetry. To make it more beautiful, you may add some decorations or paint it. At the same time, you can hang the shelves to have balanced and symmetrical storage.

To put it briefly, a couple of shelves is enough to make a huge impact on the space.

Kitchen remodeling is an opportunity to create memorable moments and a personalized place for your family. It’s the unique place in the house where your friends and family may gather to have a great time while eating.

A kitchen is a place for bonding and celebration, and it can be designed to have a space for more than just cooking food.

Try to renovate your kitchen with one of the above-mentioned fabulous ideas and turn your old kitchen into a modern one.

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