How to Turn Loungewear Into Workwear

Let’s be honest, we all want to wear our comfy pajamas at work. Especially after the pandemic work-from-home period, no one wants to get back to uncomfortable workwear. The pandemic has drastically changed our workwear style.

According to statistics, the workwear offering has decreased by 40%. And it’s no wonder that today fashion brands create more comfortable slouchy clothing.

But still, we do want to look fashionable and it may seem impossible to achieve with loungewear. Fortunately, there is no need to sacrifice the style for comfort. When paired with the right clothes, loungewear can become just as stylish as any suit. 

Don’t forget about the transformative effect of clothes, and follow some simple guidelines to create your dream loungewear wardrobe. Let’s find out how to turn loungewear into workwear without losing an ounce of style.


Sweaters are just like our pajamas, they are soft, slouchy and comfy even after hours of wear. As perfect they are for sofa snuggles, they can be not less perfect for wearing at work. Sweaters are casual, but at the same time appropriate to wear at work. Pair a soft, slouchy knit sweater with a pleated skirt to get an elegant, professional look. Add a cropped jacket and swap boots to complete your look.

It’s also a good idea to create layers with a sweater. Wear a short sleeve blouse, top or shirt as the first layer, then wear a sweater. Layers make your look more elegant and professional, and you can easily take off your sweater when it gets too hot.

Knit Jumpsuit

A knit jumpsuit is another super comfy loungewear that you can perfectly wear at work. Choose a neutral color jumpsuit and wear it with flats and some colorful accessories and you’re set. You will feel cozy and comfy in it and when you come back home, you won’t have to change your clothes to relax.

You can perfectly match a neutral-colored jumpsuit with other items in your wardrobe. Add some colors if you feel it’s too boring.


Leggings are a time saver especially when you’re running late. They are easy to put on and they stretch to fit your body. But many people think they look unprofessional and won’t dare to wear them at work. Though, if you choose the right leggings, you can fool the strictest HR. Aim for neutral, solid color leggings and avoid patterns that might not seem appropriate for work. If you’re still not convinced, choose the wider-leg ones or the pull-on skinny legging jeans.

Pair your leggings with a tunic or dress. Neutral leggings can be paired with tunics of any color, so choose a tunic of your favorite color and enjoy your workday without feeling uncomfy.

Culotte Pants

Culotte pants are loose-fitting pants, which are similar to skirts. They are extremely cozy and won’t make you feel discomfort during the workday. Moreover, when paired with the right clothes and accessories, culotte pants will help you look professional and modern.

Choose culottes that mimic a skirt and are full in length. But be careful not to choose bulky culottes. Bulky materials with too much detailing can spoil your look. Culotte pants are best paired with tops or shirts that have less volume. A refined silky top or a button-up style shirt can perfectly contrast culottes. If you’ve chosen culottes with bold patterns then the top should be neutral and the accessories not too bold. As for the shoes, the bolder you go the better. Culottes can be paired with any kind of shoes from heels to pumps.

Pajama Shirt

Modern pajama designs are so versatile and stylish at the same time, that they are worth wearing outside of four walls. Go for a bold, printed button-up pajama shirt that can serve as ideal workwear. Pair it with culotte pants with a matching boxy jacket to get an elegant and professional look. Flatform lace-ups and a bucket bag will complete your look.

Also, you can turn your pajama shirt into a crop top, by knotting it or leaving a few buttons unfastened.

Besides, you can choose to wear soft satin or silk pajama shirts to work, which sometimes feel too fancy to wear in bed. They add some chic to your look, paired with baggy or carrot-leg jeans.

Pajama Set

Don’t be afraid to wear your pajama set to work either. Pajamas have become more than just loungewear and it’s pretty normal to wear a matching PJ outside. The key here is to choose the right fabrication. Choose a set made of luxurious Pima cotton. You can choose printed, or one-colored sets, it’s up to your taste. Style your pajama set with shoes and a bag of the same color as your PJ and you will get a trendy yet comfy outfit.

Gym Vest

A top without sides is perfect for wearing at the gym or at home, especially when it’s too hot. To make it suitable for workwear, you can pair it with a high-waist midi skirt, shiny brogues and a trench coat. This outfit will make you look modern, unique and elegant at the same time. Go for a white loose top with no sides and without print, so that it would be easier to pair it with other items of your wardrobe.

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