How to Stay in Shape Over the Winter Period

Causes of Winter Weight Gain

People often complain about gaining weight in winter. It is more difficult to lose weight during the chilly months, because the body requires more calories to adjust to cold winters and to fight disease. In lower temperatures, a maximum amount of calories are absorbed and the natural breakdown of fat cells is reduced, which does not have a good effect on body shape.On the other hand, energy consumed is greater than energy expended.

The winter is the period when people also do not notice their body shape as they wear more clothes, leaving the fat gain. That is less noticeable in winter than in summer when people wear other types of clothes that show their body shape.

It doesn’t mean that snow on the ground and the cold winds outside will abandon your workout routine or weaken your immune system by unhealthy eating.
However, some ways can help you to stay in shape over the winter period.

Exercise as The Best Medicine

Contaminated hairbrushes cause many hair challenges. Cleaning hairbrushes depend on how often and what type of product you use daily. If you want to keep your skin and hairbrushes free of bacteria, you should clean them every two or three weeks. If you often use styling gels, creams or hairspray, it is a good idea to clean your hairbrush once a week. To make the process easier, every time after combing your hair, you can remove the things accumulated in the brush.

Jumping from outfit to workout, it’s essential to give you some useful advice:

  • Be sure to warm up the muscles before running, as frozen muscles are not as flexible.
  • Exercise, start with a slow pace, then gradually accelerate.
  • You can run on snow, but not on the ice. 
  • Take small steps to avoid injury.
  • In winter, the cold air will dehydrate you very quickly. To avoid that, do not forget to take liquid with you.


At the same time, you can do the fitness exercises at home without spending your money and time. There are lots of apps and online workouts that can help you to achieve your goals and take you to your desired body shape.

Experts suggest exercising at least 30 minutes. Daily activities will not increase your immune system, but also will improve your mood. It will be great to stay active and make it a life-long habit to keep your body shape. Whatever type of environment you choose, you should hack your motivation and never step back, grab a partner and get moving as you have already picked a goal!


Diet is The Key to Success

The benefit of the winter diet for women is that this diet allows not only to lose weight but also to replenish the body with vitamins and microelements, the lack of which is so much felt during that period. Hypovitaminosis can lead to various diseases, which weaken the immune system and ultimately leads to the weakening of the whole organism. Dietitians recommend using any of the winter weight-loss diets, as they are designed to take into account the foods that help you lose weight in that season.  

Controlling vitamins is one of the key factors to keep your body in shape. The winter diet should include vitamins and that’s why you should try to cut down on pastries, sugars, replacing them with fresh fruits, vegetables, berries and dried fruits. It is better to avoid sweet drinks using green tea, lemon or ginger instead. Similarly, another good habit you can get is eating cooked vegetables. You can make a lot of vegetable additives that will make them tastier and more typical for winter use.

In winter, when it’s cold outside, people often stay at home and eat. You eat not only when you are hungry but also when you are inactive. With this in mind, you should always be able to properly determine what you need to eat and when your body really needs to eat.

According to the specialists, it is very important not to skip your meals. The reason is that in winter the body needs more energy, and if you do not eat for a long time, not only will there be problems with well-being, but then there will be a desire to eat more than you need. The daily diet should consist of breakfast, lunch and dinner, none of them should be missed.

Here are some useful foods to get you through the winter months: 

  • Seafood, non-fatty meats and fish, eggs
  • Buckwheat, rice, oats
  • Mushroom
  • Peas and seeds
  • Vegetable oils
  • In-season fruits and veggies
  • Herbal teas, compotes and berries


Furthermore, some people use alcohol for warming up. it’s better not to drink. After warming up in this way, going out into the cold weather can freeze parts of your body to frostbite. Alcohol slows down the nervous system’s response, and we feel cold later.

Properly selected diet, desire and strength – all this should help you lose weight in the winter or at least keep your weight at the same level. Fast diets for weight loss in winter have no drawbacks, but if they provide strict restrictions, then they are not desirable.

The Bottom Line

Winter doesn’t mean despair. Although many people get fat during these cold months, every problem has its solution. Having a good diet and training will help you to stay in shape over the winter period and get healthy habits and lifestyles. 

So during this time, always follow these tips and start looking for the results you want to see in the summer.

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