How to Plan a Magical Garden Wedding on a Budget

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Preparing for that very special day?

Surely, the wedding day is one of the most important events in our lives, and we all want our day to be perfect. Weddings require lots of planning and it might seem really tough at times, especially for a wedding on a budget. But don’t worry, in order to organize a perfect wedding you don’t have to be a professional wedding planner. You can all do it by yourself, simply do not leave everything to plan on the last day.

A garden wedding is the best option for a wedding on a budget. Also, it feels really magical and romantic. Besides, it offers limitless ideas for the ceremony. Using nature as the key decoration makes the wedding a true fairytale.

Here you will find helpful tips on how to plan a magical garden wedding on a budget.


Firstly, plan your exact budget. Even if it’s not much, it’s better to know the exact amount. Thus you will know how much you can spend on your wedding, and there won’t be any issues when the time comes to pay the vendors.

Start calculating a year before the wedding day. And, keep the amount you plan to spend on your wedding on a separate account. Also, start saving extra money. Prior to the wedding, you can find out that you have some extra costs you haven’t planned.

Do not forget about your honeymoon. Divide your budget reasonably, don’t spend everything on the wedding.

Make an initial guest list. You may not be able to hold a big wedding, so try to include only the important people in your life. The choice of the venue, wedding essentials will depend on the number of guests.

wedding on a budget


The cost of the venue may be the most expensive in your wedding budget. So start looking well beforehand. If you have a garden, you can have your wedding there. If not, it could be your friends’ or family’s garden. You will save a lot this way. If you do not have such an option, start looking for beautiful parks in your city and talk to vendors.

Usually, specialized vendors will provide you with the necessary equipment, such as tables, chairs, arch, etc. Also, consider the option of having your wedding outside the city, in a suburban area, or nearby a village. It will cost you much less than for a special wedding venue. Though, in this case, you have to find all the wedding essentials by yourself.

As you can see, there are many different options for the perfect venue. Look for different options, calculate the costs and you will find the perfect place for your wedding.

Wedding Theme

Look for an ideal wedding theme and color scheme for you. Some people prefer an all-white wedding with roses, while others may prefer to have more colorful flowers, it’s simply a matter of taste.

You can find many amazing ideas and inspiration on Pinterest, and on specialized wedding websites, like Martha Steward WeddingsBetter Homes & GardensThe Budget Savvy Bride. You can also have a consultation with a professional wedding planner or a designer to create the most amazing atmosphere for your wedding. Consider the season of your planned wedding and make sure your desired flowers are available at that time.

Ceremony Essentials

Start looking for ceremony essentials like tables and chairs after deciding the theme, so that you can find the perfect match. Don’t waste much time and effort on this though, as they can have a very simple design but with the right decoration, they will look gorgeous. The best thing about a garden wedding is that you have endless varieties as to how the tables can be arranged.


The Arch is one of the most important things in a garden wedding, as it is the altar where a couple will exchange their vows. So, every detail of the arch needs to be perfect. The good news is that you have a really stunning arch, decorated by your hands. You can use flowers, fabric, or even lanterns to decorate the arch. Visit here to find amazing ideas for creating the perfect arch.

wedding arch
wedding decor


For the garden wedding, nature is your main decor. Use trees, bushes, and flowers growing in the garden as a decoration, by adding small details to them, such as fabric, beautiful ribbons, and garlands. Beautiful vases, candelabras can be excellent decorations for your wedding. 


Since it’s a garden wedding, there will be many flowers and floral decorations. In fact, flowers can determine the wedding theme. Don’t you worry though, you have nearly limitless options to choose from.

If you want to have a unique style, you can use a lot of greenery. Think outside the flower, there are so many options aside from roses, much more unique and cost-effective. You can use eucalyptus garlands to decorate the arch along with ivy. Another option is to use dried florals. They will look very unique and stylish.

wedding flowers

Draped Fabrics

Draped fabrics from Poly Satin or Sheer Voile will add an ethereal look and elegance to your wedding ceremony. They are perfect to decorate chairs, tables, the arch, and the pathway to the altar. Along with flowers, the draped fabric can outline the elegance of the wedding theme. Fabric is a really great choice, especially when the arch or chairs don’t have many decorations. Note that there are different types of fabric, some have a denser texture, some not so much. Also, consider how the fabric will look with the flowers.

Living Wall

A living wall is a vertical architectural piece made of living plants. It’s an excellent background for a photoshoot and it is an affordable choice. Also, you can put it behind the dessert station when cutting the wedding cake.

wedding living wall
wedding lights


Instead of buying or renting expensive chandeliers, you can simply hang the lamps from trees, which will create a magical atmosphere. Also, you can use candelabras on the tables, which will be both a beautiful decoration and a source of light.

Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is surely one of the essential things you need to think about beforehand. There are so many styles to choose from. Consider a simple floral cake design with natural flowers. Not only it will match the whole wedding style and atmosphere, but also will cost much less than cakes with complicated designs and structures. Also, do not forget about the catering. Find a caterer and set your budget-friendly menu.

wedding cake

Wedding Dress

To find the perfect dress on a budget, you can shop for dresses that have been worn once. You will save a lot and will have a magnificent designer dress that you’ve always dreamt of. Besides, instead of a veil, think about choosing a sunhat, which is more elegant, unique, and cost-effective. As for the bouquet, it is possible to find a budget-friendly option, matching the style of the wedding theme, instead of expensive roses and peonies.

Let the bridesmaids choose their dress, it will save your time and effort.

Note that if you book and buy everything well beforehand, it will cost you less and you won’t have to choose everything in a hurry.


Start looking for a photographer 8-10 months before, so that you will find the ideal one. Good ones are hard to find, so make sure to find a photographer early. Also, if you book early, you will save time and money. Ask your friends, family to find a good wedding photographer. Personal recommendations are the best ones.

wedding photographer
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