Home Decor Style Types: 11 Most Popular Interior Design Styles Explained

Having a desire to update your home but are not sure what interior design to choose? 

There are different design styles to consider, but you should understand which one is convenient for you and closer to your heart. 

Before deciding the interior design of your house, it is necessary to be a bit informed about each style and try to differentiate them. 

Here we will navigate through different home decor styles and have a focus on eleven types of them.


In modern styles, furnishings and decors are made of natural materials (metal, glass, steel) and primarily include neutral or earthy colors without additional and unnecessary accessories. Thus, this style emphasizes visual and functional simplicity in every detail.

Modern style can sometimes be confused with contemporary style. But there is one primary difference: modern style involves the art of a specific period, while contemporary one presents the design happening at this moment.


This style demands limited materials, neutral and airy colors, clean lines by creating an uncluttered space and giving you a sense of freedom.

You can feel the serenity and stunning beauty with a resolved minimalist interior. Different kinds of decorations can be used,  but be careful not to overdo them. For the minimalistic interior, you can choose plants in simple pots with the same colors. Try to stay away from pieces of furniture having intricate designs. 

Don’t use luxurious and cluttered furniture.

The simpler, the better!

What is Minimalizm?

Minimalism is binding the space while making it breathable. It is barer; though by no means, less designed. Uncluttered spaces are the need of the hour. Minimalism seems like a natural fit.

Heny Savla
Interior Designer, Livspace


The industrial style presents architectural details within a space, being inspired by large factories and warehouses. There are several elements, due to which you can differentiate industrial style from other types:

  • Exposed brick walls

Such kinds of walls will visually give your apartment industrial shade. It is the perfect alternative for those feeling uncomfortable with plaster or drywall. 

  • Concrete floors

Concrete floors are one of the main details for industrial-style decor. They are durable, easy to clean, and require minimum maintenance. Concrete usually has a dark gray color and looks nice with metals and woods.

  • Vintage furniture & accessories

These kinds of furniture are always in vogue. There is a considerable demand for them even in this day and age. They are an excellent way to leave a bold impression on people due to the unique design and style of furnishing. 

  • Unfinished look

This style is specific with visible, accentuated pipes and ducts. The following details will make the interior design look unfinished. 


One of the most popular and, at the same time, dismissed design styles is traditional interior design. It is an effective way to highlight the distinctiveness and design movements of bygone eras. 

The traditional style offers a combination of luxurious furniture, classical and casual decorations, including book collections, chandeliers, floral arrangements, etc. It identifies with several design elements especially, warm colors and symmetrical lines. Traditional homes often have furnishings with a variety of patterns and textures.


There’s a sense of balance in this style, which is appealing and unexpected.

A transitional design usually combines modern materials, such as steel and glass, and presents with plush furnishings.

Relatively neutral color palettes are used in transitional design, which helps to create a warm and calm space. In this way, your house will look both stylish and neat. This interior design style becomes particular due to a mixture of traditional furnishing and modern elements.

Sometimes the combination of furnishings may seem intricate, but if you find a proper path that helps represent you and your lifestyle gracefully, you will succeed.


The rustic style emphasizes rugged beauty, organic warmth with nature-inspired textures, earthy and mild colors. 

Raw wood, stone, and leather give unique touches to the style.  It is the opposite of contemporary and modern styles. 

The rustic style is a type of design that is incredibly calming and comfortable. Natural or neutral colors such as beiges, whites, browns, and grays are typical for this style. The atmosphere in a rustic home is monochrome and muted.

This style mainly focuses on the material, not the design.  Modernized tables and chairs will make you pay greater attention to the material rather than the shape it takes.


Having similarities with transitional and modern interior design styles, French Country takes the elements of antique French design full of enchanting allure. French Country design is unique with its warm tones of red, gold, or yellow. Here dominate natural materials like stone and brick. Furnishing of French country-style is comfortable, elegant, and stylish. You can put soft and cozy cushions on chairs and armchairs. Tables typically include several distinctive carvings.


The bohemian (known as Boho) interior design style is endlessly popular. It introduces relaxed freedom with rich details.  

Bohemian homes also have unique elements, including vintage furniture, rugs, various plants, string lights, blankets, throws, and pillows. This style could be the right choice for your home if you are fond of natural fabrics and colors.

Boho style is a mixture of various colors, patterns, textures, and embellishments and is usually associated with people somehow connected with art.


Eclectic style is very close to bohemian but eclectic decors have contrasting colors, juxtaposing textures, and other spellbinding decorations. Eclectic style is popular with its mismatched furniture, an experimental mixture of old and new, simple backdrop, rugs with abstract designs.

This style might be the perfect direction to choose for your home if you desire an interior design emphasizing different eras and movements.


Scandinavian interior design is full of a harmonious and precisely formulated mix of elements. This style distinguishes with neutral colors, dark tints, airy spaces filled with light, wooden furniture, etc. Homes with this style include plush sofas and tactile fabrics, decorative lights as well as hanging plants. 

The furniture used for this style is minimalist and practical. The interior designers often prefer craft chairs, tables, and other pieces with a Nordic style avoiding excessive amounts of stuff. The simpler, the better. The defining feature of the Scandinavian style is simplistic decorations and modern, clean lines.


Hollywood Glam’s (Regency) interior design is inspired by the opulent homes of the Golden Age of Hollywood. 

This design style is all about luxurious decorations and eye-catching pieces. 

The color shades are bright, including pink, yellow, gold, red, turquoise, etc. These contrasting colors create a dramatic effect on the design. 

This style has its unique features, though being the mixture of different interior design styles (neoclassical, mid-century, art deco, boutique hotel):

  • Sculptural lines.
  • Clutter-free decorated rooms.
  • Glamorous touch of mirrors
  • Reflective surfaces
  • Luxurious accents and details
  • Sun and starburst themes
  • Chandelier, metallics, furs, crystals
  • Antique European and French styled furniture

You will fill yourself a Hollywood star with Hollywood Regency style every single day. This type of home decor style will impress your guests with unique design ideas.

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