How to Get the Perfect Heatless Mermaid Waves

Nowadays modern technology gives you all the tools to do different hairstyles on your own. We are so used to using these tools that we believe that our hair can’t be managed without them. If you think that straightening or curling your hair with an iron or a curler is an easy option, you are wrong. Applying heat to your hair every day may lead to a bigger problem in the long run.

Professionals claim that heat tools affect our hair in many ways, such as breakage, dryness, and so on. Overall they extremely damage our hair during months and years of usage. If you think that using the hair protector keeps your hair completely safe, not exactly. Hair protectors can help you reduce the damage, but your hair is still risked. If you bleach your hair regularly or style your hair with a heat tool, your hair will become more fragile and lifeless.

So here comes the question. What shall we do to have both gorgeous and healthy hair? On the one hand, if we don’t use all the heat tools, we will have messy hair. On the other hand, if we use all those adorable tools we are risking ending up with lifeless and dull hair. We know that it’s hard to make a choice, that’s why we come to the rescue. Here you can find amazing tutorials for heatless mermaid waves. We assure you that it’s going to be one of your favorite hairstyles.

The first way to do a heatless mermaid wavy hairstyle is braiding. The difficult part is that It takes all night. That doesn’t mean that you are going to stay up all night and curl your hair. You need to sleep with braids and it’s the only difficult part. Let’s start with steps.

Step 1
Your hair must be freshly-washed and damp.  First you need to rip off a good amount of paper towels. Then divide your hair into four or six sections depending on the thickness of your hair.

Step 2
Start to spray some water on each section. They need to be a little damp but not soaked. They can’t be dry either, because in that way hair won’t hold the waves. You can also add hairspray if your hair is thick or heavy, but you can skip this part if you want.

Step 3
Braid a paper towel with a section of hair. Finish off securing it with a hair tie. Repeat the whole process with each section.

Step 4
When you have braided the remaining sections, you need to wait for them to dry.

There are 3 options you can do:

  • 1. Sleep with the braids and wake up with the waves.
  • 2. Do the braids and keep them for several hours, while you are cooking or getting ready or something else.
  • 3. Use a blow dryer at a warm setting to speed the process of drying.

Step 5
When the braids are completely dry, pull out the elastic and start to unravel the braids. Add some hairspray to let them last long.

Behind the hairstyle

How to Create Stunning Mermaid Waves

Look for hairstyle tutorials online and you will be surprised. There are dozens of videos and articles describing the techniques of various heatless hairstyles. These techniques are only two of them. So we hope that we convinced you that there is no need to use heat tools every day. You can just use hatless techniques and have natural and lovely hair. As we all know everything regarding natural beauty is trending nowadays. So let’s be trendy.

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