Galentine's Valentine's Day Party Ideas 2022

When Valentine’s Day comes, there are two types of people: those who love this holiday and those who hate or are at least feel indifferent toward it. In Parks and Recreation, the American comedy television series, the main character Leslie Knope celebrated St. Galentine’s, as a girls’ friendship day.

The popularity of the holiday has gone beyond the television screen and has been celebrated in real life for several years now. Galentine’s Day is celebrated on the eve of Valentine’s Day. It’s like Valentine’s Day, only instead of celebrating it with their partners, women spend the day with their female friends. So, Valentine turns into Galentine.

The principle of this day? Spend it with your close girl friends and enjoy the day. And we will help you with 10 cool party ideas.

Culinary Master Class

An interesting way of celebrating Galentine’s Day is to cook delicious meals or to bake a cake. This is a popular party idea for small groups of 10-20 participants. It will be easy to create a friendly atmosphere, communicate, get to know each other well, as well as post new photos on your social media. Even more, such a party can be the beginning of a new hobby.
Yes, this is very different from sitting in a cafe or a restaurant, when the waiter brings ready meals and picks up the dirty dishes. Guests will prepare their treats, which will seem to them the most delicious in the world.
Try pin-up a style or transform it into a vintage American look from the 60s.
And don’t forget about music. No party is complete without music! It is very important to stick to the chosen style and make sure that the music captures the latter.

Shooting Games

Going to the shooting range will be ideal for this party. A fun Galentine’s party may be organized by playing paintball or laser tag at a shooting club or shooting range. This choice is appropriate for sporty girls who have common interests. Two hours of “shooting” will not only cheer you up but will also give you energy. However, this event is for emotional girls as well as those who enjoy sports. It’s not for nothing that psychologists believe “shooting” is the best way to reduce stress.

Photo Session

The photo session will help you to remember your Galentine’s party’s most memorable impressions and feelings. Taking photos will be an interesting, stunning process shot by a professional photographer. It would be better if you make the photo session in a certain style or theme. A photoshoot might take place in a studio, home, outdoors, or anywhere else you like.
There are also DIY photo booths that come with cardboard accessories such as mustaches or hats to help you take attractive shots. People may have fun shooting different photos with some unique humorous slogans written on cardboard. It’s ideal if there are enough accessories in the package for people to select the ones that would work best for their photograph.
Keep the photos in the family album for the rest of your life or on your Instagram or Facebook page.

Spa Day

A Galentine’s party in a sauna or spa is another fascinating option. It is suitable for everyone. Sometimes, girls need to relax in an informal atmosphere, without smart clothes, makeup and fashionable hairstyles. Such an event will provide you with moments of relaxation and pleasure, especially if you combine a visit to the sauna with oil massage and other relaxing beauty and health services. Here, with besties, you can chat on any topic and have fun. Furthermore, you may set up a type of “beauty salon” for yourself with your buddies – make masks, peel, and more. You and your friends will be stunning the next day. The most important thing is to not bring any alcohol with you. This will not make you look beautiful in the morning.
At the same time, hot humid air improves the condition of the skin, cleanses and refreshes it, and opens pores. During body wraps and massage, the skin is adequately prepared to absorb all of the beneficial elements of oils or creams. Massage, on the other hand, helps to work out the whole body and bring lightness not only to your body but also to your thoughts. And finally, facial treatment will completely hydrate, smooth, and restore elasticity to the skin.
After all, all that’s left is to catch up with friends and have new experiences.

Throw a Pajama Party

How great it is to spend Galentine’s Day with friends in a relaxed atmosphere, full of home comfort! This is a one-of-a-kind event where participants do not need to choose an evening suit or dress. A fun pajama party will help to make the evening unforgettable with new and best ideas. During the party, you can snack, discuss the news, organize contests and games, drink coffee and tea or make cocktails, dance, watch a movie and much more.
Make sure to include the party’s date and location. Mention where the invitees are expected to arrive. It will be funny to create a password in the form of a word that the visitor must say before entering. If you decide to send invitations in envelopes, place a cool sleep mask inside it to stimulate people’s interest.

Party in a Club

Do you have already the option of going to a club with a large group? If yes, a club party will not allow you to rest, but it will provide you with a lot of great energy, inspire you. Loud music, bright spotlights, a sea of cocktails and other drinks, and dancing till the morning await you if you’re ready to party all night long.
The location can be different, starting from a dance club, a karaoke club where you will perform all your favorite songs to a bowling club. During the party, you can come up with contests, prepare prizes and the participants of the event will surely appreciate your efforts. And finally, for making your party funnier, choose a style of dress code, such as pink, black and white or retro. But remember that everything depends on your capabilities and budget.

Theme Party

If you want to throw a themed Galentine’s party, keep in mind that everything should correspond to the theme, from the decorations to the outfits and food. For example, if the evening’s theme is retro, you should have photos that match the vibe.
By the way, the style of the 1960s and 1970s is currently quite trendy for organizing a party. It is not difficult to organize such an event: you can ask your mother or grandmother for clothes (they surely have something leftover from their youth), and the girls may do hairstyles and cosmetics (particularly it is not difficult). Then, simply go to a lovely and favorite café or cozy restaurant and enjoy each other’s presence and conversations.

Going out for a Shopping

Every party can be cool and unforgettable wherever you organize it. If you want to spend time with friends, relax and laugh, going out shopping is a great way to do it. On the other hand, your best friends will help you to choose the right clothes. Furthermore, if the model, color, or size does not fit you, your friends will always give you advice and will not let you make a “mistake’’. Picked the wrong size? No problem. Stay in the fitting room and your bestie will find a perfect match for you. And generally, shopping is about entertainment, fun and feeling good.

Movie Time

What about watching a movie at home? Choose one about friendship. The top movies are Girls Trip, Bridesmaids, Thoroughbreds, Booksmart, The Sun is Also a Star, Easy A, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and much more. The movies will teach you to take time and effort to maintain your friendship and how important are your female friends. Invite your girlfriends and watch one.
Don’t forget about the popcorn.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a wonderful winter activity. Every big city has a nicely designed ice rink where you may have fun and take photos. The images will be especially stunning at dusk: the flashing lights will be perfect decorations for your party. You may even buy multiple of the same items, such as fluffy mittens or brightly colored hats, just for this event. Alternatively, you might just dress in the same style and color palette.

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