Festive Winter Wedding Ideas to Inspire Your Own

Do you still believe in magic? The magic of winter, the magic of snow, the magic of weddings. Each child, why not a grownup person, can’t wait for the first snow as it is not just an event but a magical event in the year. And, finally everyone, especially girls, dreams about their wedding day. It is also a magical event. Yes, a magical event for their whole lives. What if you get these two in one place? So, let’s imagine all these in one place. What do you think it is?  It is just a winter wedding. Yes, yes – a winter wedding.

Wintry florals, winter decorations, and holiday music are all you need to create real magic, have a wonderful winter wedding, inspire yourself and your guests. We have figured out the top 12 tips that will make your winter wedding unforgettable and gorgeous. So, bring a cup of tea and enjoy these winter wedding ideas with us.

Appropriate Time

When thinking about a winter wedding, you should, first of all, consider the month of your wedding. So, let’s understand which is the most appropriate month for organizing a wedding in winter. The winter wedding season lies between December, January, and February. Each of these months has its own distinctive features.
In December your wedding can turn into a  perfect big party with Christmas celebrations, holiday songs, why not games and different entertaining activities. This month is ideal for those who want to have a Christmas-themed wedding.
If you have decided to have a wedding in January you can meet the New Year by getting married. If you have a “get married” point in your wishlist, you will be satisfied and inspired when the beginning of the new year will start with your cherished dream fulfillment.

February is the month of love. You can celebrate it by getting married. Imagine that your wedding is on Valentine’s day. You will be the happiest bride ever who creates a family with her Valentine on Valentine’s day. Surely, if you plan a winter wedding, there is no better way to celebrate this special day of love by getting married.

Fitting Venue

Organizing a wedding in winter you should select a suitable venue for your party. You should, first of all, think about comfort, find a place that will provide your guests a cozy corner from a cold.

The easiest way of all is to choose a venue that really lends itself to the season. Some of them suit the season perfectly-they provide open fires, a cozy atmosphere, wintry decorations. With appropriate and suitable venues your winter wedding will turn into a downright magical event.

Wedding invitations

Your wedding invitations are the very first hint for your guests about the theme of your wedding. Add an icy or festive design to your invitations, include some points of your wedding theme in them. Thus, it will get your guests so excited for your winter wedding and make them get ready for your wedding with great enthusiasm.

Wedding Look

A wedding dress is a girls’ dream. Since childhood, they dream about their wedding dress, as it is one of the most important components of the wedding. If your wedding is in winter you should thoroughly think about your wedding dress and your look as you are in the center of attention on this very special day. A winter wedding dress is usually associated with long sleeves and heavier fabrics. Celebrating a wedding in winter also has its advantages as long-sleeved dresses are more elegant and graceful. If you want to have an edgy look, wear a leather bridal jacket. For a glamorous look try faux fur or a shawl. So, try to make your dream bridal style into reality on even the chilliest winter day. 

As to grooms, a classical black suit always looks good, but you can also try to adopt warm seasonal colors like a bottle green velvet or maybe burgundy, or even a silvery grey for an icy theme.

Festive Accessories

Do you think that your wedding dress is the most important component of your look? Surely no. Though your dress is the main attraction, it’s accessories that supplement your gorgeous look for this very special day. Fulfill your look with a gold hairpin or a seasonal hair wreath. Not to get cold, use a cape or add faux fur stole if you will have an outdoor ceremony. Your guests will surely appreciate your extravagant look for this magical day which will give you more confidence and inspiration. Do you want winter magic? Then add a little bit of it to your winter wedding using some sparkly accessories. Sparkly shoes, handbags, a sparkly shawl, or even jewelry, sparkles will remind everyone of the wintertime magic.

Winter Palette

When you have already chosen the theme of your wedding, it’s time to give your venue a seasonal palette, which will provide your guests with a winter atmosphere and joy. You should carefully choose each detail and decoration of your wedding. Decorate your venue giving it an icy aesthetic look by adding white-flowered trees, artificial snow, and lucite chairs. You can add some velvet layers to your table decoration.
Using fur will create a warm atmosphere for your magical, but also cold, winter wedding. Warm your venue placing fur pelts over the backs of the chairs at reception or your ceremony.
If you have decided to have a Christmas-themed wedding you can add some Christmas mood to your wedding by hanging stockings over a fireplace at your venue, or putting some symbolic presents under Christmas trees that will remember the guests about your wedding.


If you have decided to have an inside wedding, try to bring the outdoors inside, transporting guests to a real winter fairytale- wintry decorations, dreamy tablescape.  Try to bring a smell of nature to your venue. You can create for example the illusion of ” sitting under the trees’’ during the ceremony. You can also use the holiday decorations to create the holiday tablescape. Use candles, Christmas lights, pine needles, and snow-covered pine cones to create a festive look.
If you will celebrate your wedding in December, you can decorate your tables based on Christmas motives. In the case of long tables, try to add long table runners in red and green colors. For a classical and elegant look, try to use white or silver velvet fabric. After all, it is the details that truly bring a venue to life and accomplish the design.
Candles are considered to be one of the widely used decorations for winter weddings. They create a passionate and fluorescent gleam for your wedding day.  The reception area and centerpieces are the most important places that grab the attention of your guests from the very first glance.   Decorate your centerpieces and reception area with candles in order to have a memorable and enjoyable candlelit dinner at your reception.  Twinkling lights of string lights will remind guests of Christmas tree lights and a Christmas mood will be provided.

Hot Chocolate and Coffee

Your guests will thank you if you serve hot chocolate and coffee at your wedding. You can put a bar with different marshmallows, chocolates, cocoa, and coffee so that your guests will choose from the dessert table. For coffee lovers, it will be a great pleasure if you offer coffee with milk or with a variety of sweeteners. This all will be even more on the theme and will bring pleasure to your guests. They will surely appreciate it.

Seasonal Cake

A wedding cake is the main sweet attribute of a wedding. In other words, it is the centerpiece of the wedding. Everyone waits for this sweet moment to see how it looks and to taste it.  You can consider a very interesting design of your winter wedding cake including some seasonal attributes to surprise your guests. You can supplement the main confection with seasonal flavors like peppermint, cinnamon, bourbon, orange, eggnog cream.
What about making cookies instead of a wedding cake at your wedding? It will be a creative solution both to save money and the most important to amuse your guests with this choice. These holiday cookies will surprise your guests and maybe they want to take something home with them from your wedding party.

Brides bouquet

Another important attribute of a wedding is the bridal bouquet. With the composition of seasonal flowers, you can get a luxurious bouquet featuring a mix of red peonies, quicksand roses, dark plum ranunculus, chocolate cosmos, eucalyptus. Also, you can add velvet flowers for your bridal bouquet for a wintery look. Wrap velvet tape around your bouquet adding wintery greens. With velvet, the composition of fresh flowers looks gorgeous.
You can also use Christmas-themed decorations for your bridal bouquet if it suits your wedding theme. Choose popular seasonal flowers to accomplish your winter bouquet. It will make your winter wedding bouquet fit the season.  Be sure your winter bridal bouquet will certainly amaze and wow your guests with your creative ideas!

Getaway Car

Surely your wedding will stay in the memory of your guests if you organize a memorable “escape” from your wedding. It can be very epic as in famous films. Let your crazy imagination take over and make the end of your wedding memorable not only for you but for your guests as well. Of course, the type of your transportation will depend on your venue. You do not need an extravagant luxury car- you can make your wedding original and unique, getting away on a horse-drawn carriage, gondola ride, or even a snowmobile. Imagine yourself in a snowmobile in a bridal dress. Isn’t it cool and crazy? Like in epic films. This getaway will make your wedding night a special memory.

Crazy photos

Do you think that’s all? Absolutely no! Let’s not forget another important component of any wedding. Photos. If you are lucky and it will snow all day long on your wedding day you will have stunning snowy wedding photos that everyone dreams about. You might have a few cold minutes, but they will be worth it to capture and represent all the beauty of the beautiful season. There are hundreds of creative ways to catch beautiful winter wedding photos that include the seasonal soul. The photos will not only represent the magic of your winter wedding but will also be a charming and sweet memory that you will keep for your whole life.

Are you still hesitating whether to celebrate your wedding day in winter or not? Take a risk. Do it! Of course, it will be cold outside, but your hearts will keep each other warm. After all, if you are not willing to risk the unusual you will have to settle for ordinary.

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