DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a magical and joyous time for the whole family and what can be more fun than decorating? Surely, nothing. 

The decorations and lighting are a part of what makes the holiday so festive by adorning our homes during the holiday season and hanging ornaments on the tree are nostalgic callbacks to the days of our youth. So putting up those Christmas decorations provokes the excitement and magical emotions of childhood. It is important for us to decorate because the simplest decorations make the biggest difference. Maybe you might be used to making use of the same Christmas ornaments you rely on year after year, but DIY ornaments would be a good idea to try more creative designs this time around and they’re also an easy way to fill your home with loads of holiday cheer.

The DIY options are numerous! Personalize your Christmas tree with the following impressive ornament designs

Paper Ornaments

To make these shatterproof decorations trace the shapes onto the cardstock. After cutting out the shapes with scissors, create smaller shapes as ornaments. Then attach the smaller ornaments on the shapes with craft glue and let dry. In the end make a hole in the top of your decoration to hang with string or ribbon.

Twig Ornaments

It is easy enough to make twig ornaments with the kids. To make these great nature-inspired decorations just take some twigs, then use glue and embroidery thread to make some creative patterns and shapes (see these cool trees or stars!).

Star Ornament

To make this surprisingly simple ornament take some cardstock and follow the folding techniques:

1. Using a pattern, trace a star onto the wrong side of fauxbois paper and cut it out.

2. Fold along dotted lines, inverting folds in the body of the star and carefully creasing folds.

Knit Ornament

To make this clever ornament, remove the metal top from a plain ball ornament. Then glue two colors of yarn together inside the opening of the ornament and let dry. When it is dried, wrap both around the ornament to cover completely. Paint the balls of two rock candy sticks with red acrylic paint, then trim the ends into points using scissors. In the end thread the knitting needles through the yarn and replace the metal top.

Golden Cone Ornament

Make paper cones and fill them with different candis. These sweet ornaments will become your party favors later. Wrapped peppermints, chocolate kisses or truffles will add color to your cones.

Christmas Words Ornaments

These simple ornaments are for the laziest crafters. Just stick letters on generic ornaments. Spell out short words:  “joy,” “peace”, etc. that will raise your mood.

Make a Christmas Tree Using Plates

Decorate your kitchen wall with this Christmas tree made from plates. Just hang the plates by adhesive plate hangers in the Christmas tree shape. You can also add saucers for dimension. Then secure spoons in a starburst using wire and tiny nails. The Christmas tree is ready!

Staircase Bows

Everybody is likely to have store-bought bows. You  can even tie your own ones with wire ribbon and secure a cluster of shiny red ornaments in the center. Fasten the cute bows to the garland where it attaches to railings.

Layered Garland

This layered garland looks festive and smells great, too.

To make the garland gather fresh wigs and use green metal wire to hold them together. Repeat until your doorframe is completely covered. You can fix bundles together in an overlapping pattern with green wire.Use nails or hooks to hang it over the doorway. Adding berries and pine cones will make it more festive.

Neutral-Toned Table Decorations

For making the wooden bead stars draw a five-point star on paper. After that, make a loop on one end of a piece of silver craft wire. Thread beads on wire, bending wire per drawing as you go. Feed the loose end of wire through loop, crimp, and cut.

For making the acorn tree paint nuts with white craft paint, leaving caps natural. Attach a loop of twine with hot glue. Hang the acorns from a spray-painted branch set inside a spool of twine.

Christmas Lights Wreath

This light wreath will add color to your front door. Take about 65 colorful old vintage light bulbs and simply hot-glue them in two rows on a flat craft or cardboard ring.

Paper Packets for Gifts

Layer two pieces of kraft paper together and draw your chosen shape (star, stocking, or other symbol) on the top piece. After cutting through both layers of paper, sandwich a gift between the two shapes and stitch along the edges using contrasting thread.

Roses Wreath

All you should do is to create dozens of multi-colored roses for this beautiful wreath. It is sure to look great on any door. Understated felt gets a special transformation when it’s spiraled and coiled into a beautiful array of rosettes.

Mini Wreaths

The downsized Christmas wreaths definitely look more lovely than the bigger ones and everything is cuter when it’s miniature. These teeny ornaments can give a festive look to anywhere.

Holiday crafting will get you into the Christmas spirit and it’s a great way to spend time with the family and save money on holiday decor. These DIY Christmas decorations are easy enough to make even if you’re the least crafty person on the planet. The many natural elements of the decorations will add an environmentally friendly spin to the season. Spend a day making these festive crafts by brewing some hot cocoa and turning on the holiday tunes!

The cultural impact of Christmas is unique. The entire month of December Is devoted to Christmas. Everybody likes Christmas movies, music and food. For various reasons, it is the greatest holiday in the world.

Christmas is also a time of giving when families and friends get together and give gifts to one another and celebrate their love for each other. It is the best feeling in the world when your loved one opens the gift and you give them smiles.

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