The New Era of Comfortable AND Sexy Lingerie

Invisible yet indispensable, lingerie is a very personal and essential item for every woman. The lingerie market is a significant part of the apparel industry. It is estimated that the global lingerie market will reach a valuation of 59.15 US billion dollars by 2024. And it is no wonder as it’s equally important what you wear underneath as what you wear on display. Almost all women would agree that nothing gives more confidence than wearing high-quality sexy lingerie.

As an important part of the outfit, the evolution of lingerie has had so many changes that none other types of clothing has had. From wearing whalebone corsets with pulleys that made it nearly impossible to breathe to light and silky bodysuits, women have worn anything as lingerie. But all those different styles and trends had one thing in common: lingerie was destined to make a woman’s body look sexier.

Especially the early corsets were so uncomfortable to wear that they could even deform the bones just to make the body shape look like an hourglass. Nowadays it would seem crazy to wear such a thing, but in fact, even now women prefer style to comfort. Push-ups, thongs, uncomfortable, but beautiful materials have been the trends of the last decades, and finally, they are changing.

In recent years women prefer comfortable and high-quality lingerie. It all started before the pandemic, but Covid pushed the desire of many women for simple comfort. It doesn’t mean that women don’t want to wear pretty and stylish things as well. But for everyday life, lingerie that is comfortable and has a great fit and quality is preferable to anything else.

Let’s look at what has changed in the lingerie industry and discover the new era of lingerie.

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Bras have always been designed to hook, smooth the body to create a pleasing silhouette. They were designed to create a certain shape form, without any hint of comfort and wellbeing. But the main purpose of a bra is not to create an appealing look, but to support the breasts and protect breast tissue. And today, instead of uncomfortable push-ups, more women prefer bralettes and wireless bras. They are more light and breathable and give you a more natural fit. Depending on the design they can also give you a subtle lift, but still, be super comfortable. Bralettes are perfect for wearing as loungewear, and as loungewear is becoming the new workwear they can be perfectly worn outside.

Sports bras are also very popular. As a healthy lifestyle and body positivity are in trend, the sports bra has become one of the important garments for many women. Designed for the purpose of getting in shape or wearing during a sports activity, sports bras are very comfortable and can perfectly replace the regular bra.


Comfort rules here too. Having a nice fun panty can always rise up your mood. But it’s also important to feel comfortable, especially when you’re going to sit and work all day. High-waisted panties are one of the major trends, as styles like hipsters, briefs, and boyshorts. They are both flattering and comfortable. 

What refers to materials, light natural fabrics like cotton, modal, bamboo are the favorites. Seamless options that don’t dig in or cause panty lines are also very popular. More coverage is also becoming more preferable. There are now many styles of underwear with full coverage that also look sexy and give a glamorous look.


Brands Are Also Changing

Brands are also adapting to these new trends. With consumers seeking more comfort and functionality in lingerie, brands are also changing their collections. They are focusing on comfort, creating lingerie for all body shapes and genders. And not without a reason, as studies show that the sales of push-up bras are falling, and bralettes and sports bras have become the favorites of most women.

Brands like Aerie, or Target’s lingerie brand Auden are offering lingerie of different designs that combine comfort and traditional lingerie styles at an affordable price. Besides, by featuring models of different sizes and ethnicities, they have won the hearts of their customers.

It might seem that this is all because of the pandemic, but the trend started way before the lockdown. In 2018 megastar Rihanna created her underwear collection Savage x Fenty range. It had a live show in New York, where along with the most famous models, it embraced models of different races, shapes and sizes. And this is only one example of a world-famous brand focusing on body positivity and diversity.

In addition, consumers have started caring about sustainability more and brands are aware of that. People expect brands to create clothing from eco-materials without using child labor or sweatshops. However, in a study by analytics company Edited, it was revealed that sustainable lingerie makes only 2.4% of all sustainable apparel industry. But some lingerie brands, like Brook There, are making efforts to make this industry more sustainable.

And lastly, this is only the beginning and there are still many changes to make, but the fact that women have started thinking less about pleasing others and more about pleasing themselves is already a big step. Hopefully, comfort and a healthy lifestyle will continue to be the priority for all.

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