5 Christmas Makeup Looks for 2021

The Christmas season is one of our favorite times of year since it allows us to wear sophisticated makeup looks any day of the week. While classic holiday makeup looks like red lips and winged eyeliner are always a must-have for family gatherings or cocktails by the fire, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little extra glitz with glitter products and other accents.

Here you will see 5  variations of holiday glam makeup trendy for 2021.

Blue Eyeshadow

  1. We recommend using an eyeshadow primer first to get the most out of your eyeshadow. This brings out the blue eyeshadow’s rich and vivid colors.
  2. Choose a dark blue eyeshadow and use an eyeshadow brush to apply it to your lids. A little glitter gives dimension to the color of your eyelids. Eyeshadow pencils are perfect since they can be applied with ease and precision to your eyelid crease and outer eyelid.
  3. Carefully blend the glittering eyeshadow.
  4. A blue kajal pencil can be used to give a splash of color. The blue color will brighten your eyes and freshen up your complexion.
  5. .Important: Sharpen the kajal pencil before using to ensure a neat and tidy application.
  6. Next, line your waterline with black kajal. This contrasts with the blue kajal and adds depth to your appearance.
  7. Continue going over your waterline until you reach the desired intensity.
  8. Use a gold-colored makeup to create highlights on your lids and inner corners of your eyes.
  9. The cool blue tint contrasts beautifully with the gold, enhancing the eyes.
  10. Mascara will finish off your blue eye makeup appearance. Make sure your lashes are coated evenly and neatly with mascara.
  11. Are you unsure about which mascara is best for you? Check out our mascara buying guide to see for yourself.

Candy Cane Lips

  1. Apply concealer on your lips. The white should be very pigmented and opaque to produce ideal candy cane lips. To do so, you’ll need to conceal any natural redness in your lips that might show through the white lipstick. Apply concealer on your lips with a makeup sponge, being careful to cover the entire surface.
  2. Apply a thin layer of translucent powder on your lips. It’s critical to set your concealer with a powder after you’ve applied it. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with a smeared mess if you apply lip product over a creamy base. Apply the powder to your lips with your makeup sponge, making sure to cover all of the concealer. 
  3. Using a fluffy brush, remove any extra powder.
  4. Use a white lip liner to fill in your lips. A white lip liner can be found at any cosmetic supply store. To begin, completely outline your lips. This is an important first step since it will define the previously hidden boundaries. Rather of just lining your lips, you’ll use the lip liner to fill in the entire area.
  5. Apply a coat of white lipstick. The white lip liner serves as a great foundation for a white lipstick. Apply your white lipstick over the white eyeliner with care, making sure that your lips are completely opaque. If your white lipstick is creamy, dust it with translucent powder once it’s dry. You don’t need to do anything if the lipstick is matte.
  6. Red liquid lipstick was used to make the stripes. It’s time to convert your lips into a candy cane once they’re entirely white! You’ll need red liquid lipstick and a little lip brush for this stage. Start making diagonal stripes down your lips with your lip brush dipped in liquid lipstick. Allow your mouth to rest naturally so that you may draw lines that run from the top lip to the bottom lip. [16]
  7. To replicate the pattern of real candy canes, alternate between thick and thin red stripes.
  8. Make these stripes diagonally across your lips until they’re completely covered.

Negative Space Graphic Eyeliner

  1. Make a line along the upper lash line. Line the top of your upper lash line with eyeliner. You’ll need a thick enough liner to erase a tiny area of eyeliner and fill in the empty region with a triangle. It is optional to create an eyeliner wing, but it will add drama to the look.
  2. Draw a straight line starting from the outer corner of your eye to outline where you want your eyeliner to wing out if you want to make a wing. Reattach the line to the top lash line. Complete the rest of your top lash line by lining it. When you’re done, you’ll have a line that runs from one corner of your eye to the other, ending in a wing.
  3. Remove a small amount of eyeliner. Hold a Q-Tip in one hand and a makeup removal wipe in the other. The goal is to remove a small area of eyeliner with precision. You’ll be able to be more accurate with the Q-Tip than if you only used the tip of your finger to wipe. Begin rubbing away a small area of the liner in the middle of the lid with the makeup remover wipe on top of the Q-Tip, no wider than the eraser of a pencil.
  4. Make a triangle. You’ll have two sides after eliminating a section of eyeliner: a left side and a right side.
  5. Draw a line at a 45-degree angle down toward the lash line, meeting in the center of the empty space, starting at the top of each line on each side. This should result in a triangle. You don’t need to fill in the triangle because it’s made out of negative space.

Berry Eyelids

  1. Use an eyeshadow primer to prep the eyes. When blended in, it is completely undetectable, yet it substantially increases the pigmentation and wears time of the eyeshadow. After the primer had dried, I used a light matte pink hue and massaged it into my crease to begin shaping the eye. Then I applied a bold matte magenta colour to the outside portion of my eyelid. When you’re used to dealing with neutrals, this hue can be daunting, but if we add a couple more tones and blend it all together, it’ll be much more subtle. After you’ve applied the color, use a separate, empty, loose-bristled blending brush to soften the edges.
  2. Take the heavier matte berry color and place it in a sideways “V” shape on the outer corner of the eye to add a bit extra drama and also moderate the intensity of the eyes. Apply this shade with a firmly packed crease brush and blend it out with the same technique as the previous step. Apply a tiny bit more exactly at the edge of where the other shades stop in the crease to ensure that color is still visible. It will also help to make the eyes appear bigger by gently pushing the brighter color closer to the brow bone. On the rest of the eyelid, apply it with your finger first, then blend it in with a little shader brush in the crease. This will ensure a successful future.
  3. Moving on to eyeliner, I began by applying an eggplant-colored pencil halfway along both my upper and lower lashes. Then, just over the top of it, apply the darker shade from the palette. This two-step procedure will give you a softer appearance that will last all day.

Soap Brows

  1. You’ll want to lightly damp the soap’s surface first. For a little extra grip, use a little water, prep mist (if included in the kit), or a spritz (or two) of setting spray. You want the soap to have a paste-like texture, but not so moist that it begins to lather. Once the soap has reached a goopy consistency, run a clean spoolie brush down the moist bar, making sure the bristles are well coated but not overflowing. Now that the brow brush has soap on it, go straight into the brows and brush up and away. The bold, fluffy brows you’re after can be achieved by using the spoolie to direct the brows upward.
  2. If your brows are a little too big for your liking, run the spoolie horizontally across the top edge. The tops of the hairs will be angled slightly downward, making them appear smaller overall. Just hurry before the soap dries and traps the hairs in place.
  3. Look for any sparse patches now that your brow hairs are in place. Filling in your brows with your preferred brow product will help them appear fuller and more defined.


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