Awesome Christmas Gifts for Under $50

Christmas is a time when everything seems to be merry and bright. The gift-giving makes the holiday even more fun and enjoyable. Everyone likes to give unique personalized gifts to their loved ones to leave an impression on them and make their day extraordinary. Although before Christmas there are lots of discounts, the Black Friday and other savings, money is never enough. Your friends, family members, colleagues, girlfriend or boyfriend are still waiting for you. But when you run out of budget and can’t buy expensive presents, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t important or you don’t love them. Shopping should never stop you from buying super presents and entertaining your loved ones.

Scroll down and find awesome 15 gifts under $50 that will suit your taste and interest.

Kindle Paperwhite

Digital books are excellent gifts for all types of budgets. Kindle Paperwhite is a small library that you can carry anywhere. The kindle is simple and reliable as you can keep thousands of books just in one place. Additionally, you can also subscribe and get free books from Amazon. Per battery charge is enough to last for a month. The digital book is waterproof, designed to be easy on the eyes before bed, and comes with 8 gigabytes of storage space for thousands of titles.

Foot Massager Machine

Give your friends, family members or colleagues an amazing spa experience at home. There is a wide range of foot massagers with different prices which depends on the functions. But you can find some options under $50. It’s a powerful, safe and effective tool to make you feel relaxed and to settle down your nerves after a long day at work. The massager does its work in the best way. What you need is to sit down on your sofa and the massager will provide relief and comfort. 

Wall Mount Wine Rack

Wall mount wine rack is a wanted gift for wine lovers. Using wine racks is a stylish and practical way to store your favorite bottles. Right wine storage is also essential for extending the longevity of your wine. The rack’s contemporary simplicity maximum emphasizes the bottles and their labels. This storage combines elegance, practicality and attractiveness. Additionally, the wine racks serve as a great part of your home interior.

Silk Pajama Set

At the end of a working day, your friends will need to melt away stress. And the right pajamas will help them. Everyone will appreciate a silk pajama set that may include a silk pillowcase, a silk scrunchie, an eye mask and silk pajamas. Due to their soft surface, silk is gentle on the skin and gives a comfortable night’s sleep. Your friends deserve to wear the best. 

Faux Fur Slippers

Chic faux fur slippers are a must-have for every girl. You can gift them to your friend, mother, sister, colleagues, girlfriend and much more. Imagine their reaction when they take off their heels and put on these soft and cozy sleepers. A good pair of faux fur slippers will become an important part of their shoe rack. 

Personalized Notebooks

It’s a good idea to keep thoughts and ideas in a personalized notebook. It is more than a practical item. This daily necessity will help your friends to stay organized, plan tasks, brainstorm, take notes and more. To make the notebook more incredible, print your friend’s name on them. They will surely love it.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are a nice present that makes it easy to give. This gift will please and surprise your loved ones for a month. There is a wide range of options both for men and women, such as boxes of beauty, books, skin-care, stationery, chocolate, cigars, foods, cleaning supplies and much more. The boxes are really worth trying.

Wireless Charger

With a wireless charger, your family members and friends will forget about plugging in cables. Pop the phones on the stand and that’s all. Because of its elegant, aesthetic and sleek design, you can use your phone while charging. And finally, it charges fast, has a nice look, and can even take thick phone cases.

Tea Gift Box

As Christmas is in December, you need to warm up your friends a little bit. This is the best gift for those who love to drink tea and have their ritual. Let your friends enhance their tea-drinking experience with a box of tea collections. These kinds of boxes include different kinds of tea for a different mood. Your friends will be lucky to explore new flavors. 

Christmas Mugs

Share the holiday spirit with Christmas mugs. They will make your friend’s holiday more exciting and fun. The mugs are an ideal back-pocket solution. You can find Christmas mugs with different shapes and colors. Enjoy Christmas with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows on the top of the colorful mug.

Electric Hand Warmer

Christmas gifts are warm, practical, and fashionable. So does this electric hand warmer. This stylish product comes in a bunch of colors and patterns, lt only takes two minutes to heat it up. The compact shape is ideal for carrying in your pocket on a cold day, and it can keep you warm for 3-4 hours on a full charge. That is also a perfect size for your palm and comes with a wrist strap for extra convenience.

Home Office Laptop Desk

There will be someone who works from home nowadays. For those friends, we suggest you buy a home office laptop desk. Due to this desk, they can use the laptop in different positions, such as using it horizontally in the bed or on the sofa. Cushions and a mousepad of the desk ensure the laptop’s comfort. It also has a phone slot where you can keep your smartphone vertically. The desk is useful, elegant and stylish.

Airpods Case

Sometimes the little presents mean the most. Your friends will use the AirPods case every day to protect the gadget.  This gift is one of the most useful ideas on the list. This AirPods case is affordable, made of durable material and comes in lots of color choices. 

Fitness Mat

Another great gift is a fitness or yoga mat. If you have a yoga fan in your life, this gift is for him. The mat is light enough to carry from home to the gym. Buying a mat will help you to practice your daily yoga or workup. It also keeps you comfortable and safe as it prevents slips and falls.


A warm blanket somehow reminds you about Christmas. It is super cozy to cuddle up with or drape over the couch. Choose one between classic green and red to match your decor. This is something you can use for a long time. The blanket makes a fun and interesting Christmas gift for your family and friends.

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