Best Heatless Hairstyles For
Summer 2022

Worried about heat damage? Not sure how to style your hair throughout the summer? Then heatless hairstyles for summer are for you.

Sometimes even the most expensive hair-care products and the qualified hairdresser cannot bring back the silky and flowing hair you miss so much. The industry is developing in parallel with people’s needs. Indeed, the era of hairdressing tools, such as blow dryers, curling iron, the straightener is gone.

So, we bring all the best heatless hairstyles in one place for you. Keep scrolling, and try the ones you like.

Air-Dried Waves

Took a cool shower and do not know what to do next? Your phone keeps ringing and there is a guy dreaming to see you? Wait, Just one last detail and you are ready. 

Hopefully, the shops are full of various creams, gels, and sprays. Any aroma, any color, any texture you want. Take one, put in your hair and that is all! Rely on the sun and trust it with your today’s hairstyle. In fact, it takes no time!

Simple Braid

Whether you wear a T-shirt, casual light dress, or white shirt with shorts, a simple braid will suit you the best. It is comfortable, convenient, pleasant, protects your hair, and you feel like you are very put together!

Light Bun

Gather all your messy hair either long or short with your plum and make a crazy, loose bun. That makes you a cool girl without any stupid complexes! You did nothing, just put all naughty hair in one place and the victory over them is yours! 

Space Buns

Two buns or double buns, do not matter. But your fancy look is a very big deal! This type of heatless hairstyle will make you feel at home in every place. It is one of the best choices in summer hot weather, as it keeps your neck cool! It takes some seconds to look great! 


This hairstyle is one of the most harmless ones. Make a high ponytail, wear a suit and walk in the street like every confident business lady. Wave your longish hair and attract passengers! You can mix this hairstyle with various trends. This is not only simple but also an effective look.

Retro Tail

It is obvious that now all trends are, somehow, new versions of old ones. It goes back to the 80’s, 70’s, 60’s and so on. Thus, in all Insta videos, you can see girls doing retro make-up. The same is in the hairstyle case. So, your time came to the stage! Do deep side swoops and give some volume. Done, you are ready to conquer hearts!

French Braids

Only imagine wearing an elegant dress with tiny flowers, standing on a beach… the wind is blowing madly and you cannot even take a good photo for Insta? So, here is an excellent decision. It has a very simple technique: just add a strand of hair to each section before braiding it. Do French braids and do not let the wind bother you! 

Half-up Hair

Sometimes, always wearing the same ponytail is tiring. This type of hairstyle almost goes for everyone, without concerning shape, texture or preference. It is so fast and plain to do: even if you have elementary skills. This harmless hairstyle draws attention to your bright eyes, thus highlighting your make-up. It is a chic hairstyle for the Red Carpet.

Halo Braid

Here is another go-to-style type of braid that you can do for every occasion. This goes well, who has long hair. On the Internet numerous videos and blogs can be found, they will help you to master the most simple techniques. After reaching the nape of your neck, fix your braid with bobby pins. Try, sure you will like it!

Rope Braid Ponytail

Now let’s mix your ponytail and braid. Yes, you got new skills, so it is the correct time to put them into action. Nowadays, this can be considered as an “old-school” hairstyle. But, actually, it does not mean that it is old. Stars like Beyonce or Kim Kardashian used to do this hairstyle for their stunning looks. So, now it is clear where this nickname comes from! Let’s add a little character to this nice ponytail.

Twist Back Hairstyle

Do you have any favorite cartoon princesses? I believe the little girl lives in every woman’s heart. And I am more than sure about her dream, a dream that comes from a sweet and sound childhood. That is to be a princess. Do not get confused, appearance does not define our souls. 

So, here is an interesting hairstyle, which will make you feel like a real princess. It is a good kind of hairstyle for both long, short, and medium hair. Go ahead, and make your dream come true!

Did you choose the one that best fits you? 

Don’t pay attention to those, who only boast by telling how much money they spend in salons to get the hairstyle you can obtain easily. Just one- two -three and ready! Just a matter of time! 

Those are the most up-to-date heatless hairstyles that you can use anytime and anywhere. They will not create hair-care problems and will take care of your great locks. 

Summer is waiting for you! Go and show yourself in the best way!

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