Bathroom Decor Ideas in 2022

A modern bathroom is not just a place where your self-care rituals take place, it’s an oasis of wellbeing, a place to escape from your daily routine. So, it must be designed carefully, with peace of mind. In 2021, with hygiene in priority, bathroom design styles prioritized easy-to-clean surfaces and antimicrobial installations. 2022 continues these trends by adding more style and aesthetics to every corner of the bathroom. 

Even the simplest changes can make a difference. Adding new colors, changing the lights or simply the mirror can add some aesthetics and uniqueness.

Of course, a bathroom must guarantee full functionality, but it also must be a place where you enjoy spending time to unwind and distress from everyday fatigue and refill your energy for the next day. Explore these bathroom decor ideas of 2022 and make your bathroom a place of relaxation and tranquility, reflecting your style and personality.

Warm Colors

Let’s start with the colors. The era of the clinical white neutral-colored interior has gone. 2022’s colors are warm, bright and vibrant. Choose tiles of earthy colors like terracotta, rust, caramel and biscuit. They will make your bathroom much a warmer and comfortable place. Or simply paint the walls with durable paint. In 2021 there were many advancements in making more hygienic, durable, mildew-resistant paints. So, choose your favorite warm color and add a natural touch to your bathroom.

2022 colors are inspired by nature, so there is no wonder that wood-look tiles are also trendy. Both in the bathroom and kitchen wood-look tiles go in line with natural organic style.


Apart from natural warm colors, natural materials are in trend too. Wood is one of the most tactile materials, which brings a touch of luxury to any room. It’s not a common material, that is used in bathrooms, but you can easily use it as a wall and floor covering, countertops and furniture. Wood will perfectly balance the cold tiles of the bathroom, it will look like an elegant combination of nature and coldness.


Another natural material that has returned in 2022 is a marble of white, grey and red colors. Flawless marble looks elegant and luxurious, and, at the same time, it’s practical and simple. In contrast with wood, it offers a visually tactile texture in the bathroom. Marble also adds uniqueness to your bathroom design, as no two marble patterns are the same.

Besides marble, another natural material, natural stone is also in trend in 2022. It can be used on floors and walls, countertops and sinks.

Floating Vanities

Floating vanities are a space-saving storage solution with sinks, faucets and hardware of any style. Wall-hung vanities don’t look like a big heavy box on the floor but instead, add an airy and free look. They are a good solution especially for small-size bathrooms and can organically fit in any bathroom. Their storage cabinets can be vertical or horizontal, higher or lower. Besides, with floating vanities, it will be easier to clean the bathroom floor.

Space-Savvy Soaking Tubs

With the arrival of showers, it seemed like the era of bathtubs have come to the end. The need to do everything faster and faster leaves no time for a relaxing bath time. But the pandemic increased the desire for rest and comfort making soaking tubs one of the 2022 trends. Freestanding, smaller-size tubs with flat bottoms are the popular options. White, simple soaking tub won’t take much space and won’t look heavy. A bathroom is a place for relaxation and escapism and nothing can make you feel better than a soothing and comforting bath.

Glass Paneling and Doors

Everyone’s desire is to have a light, airy, stylish bathroom. But it can be hard to achieve in small-size bathrooms. One of the solutions to get a lighter look is to change the opaque pieces with some glass accents. Swap out shower curtains with glass paneling and doors. Glass doors will add more visual space to the bathroom. You can find many easy-to-clean glass paneling options.

Creative Patterns

Geometry is all in vogue now not only in architectural details but also in tiles and tiles coverings. Large-format rectangular tiles make a bathroom an airy and luxurious space. They look more minimalistic and are easier to clean due to fewer grout lines.

Wallpapers are also very popular in 2022. Featuring different styles, colors and patterns, they can completely change the mood of the bathroom. This is an exceptional idea especially if you don’t have a window in your bathroom, but want to add some nature and creativity. Choose botanical patterns to add a tropical, botanical feel to your bathroom.

Metal Fixtures

Metals were trendy in the 60s and the 70s and now they are back, particularly the brass. Chrome and steel are popular choices for both kitchen and bathroom, but they might seem a little cold. Metal accessories in brass and gold tones are a less obvious choice, but they are much warm and luxurious.

Large and Bold Lighting Trends

Big chandeliers, drum pendants, giant floor lamps are pretty much in trend now. They don’t always seem a sensible solution for bathrooms, but you can always choose more practical options. Be brave, go for larger lights to add some luxury to your bathroom design. Statement bathroom lights, crystal, outsized and all-out glamour are all in vogue.

However, no matter what lights you choose, it’s always a good idea to have a bathroom with natural light.


Mirrors are an important part of the bathroom, and there are plenty of different styles and designs of them. Modern bathroom trends include large mirrors of square and rectangular forms with rounded vertices.

Backlit mirrors are also a trendy choice for modern bathroom design. It creates a glowing effect on the wall and highlights the textured wall. A backlit mirror can serve as a both decorative and functional element. It’s eye-catching and looks very contemporary.


With natural materials and colors in trends, it’s no wonder that plants are common in modern bathrooms. It brings the beauty of the exterior inside the bathroom and serves as a natural accessory element. Place them in baskets, or hang from the ceiling, find a place where they will look organically. They give a new touch and freshness to the design of the bathroom. By changing them with seasons you will refresh the mood in your bathroom.

Note: Be careful when choosing plants, some can’t live in the bathroom’s high humidity. Choose plants that thrive in hot, humid conditions, like ferns, orchids, aloe.

Minimalist Look

“Less is more”. Cluttered bathrooms are far left in the past. Visually and aesthetically it’s better to keep the bathroom free and light. Make your bathroom less cluttered and simple. Nothing makes a bathroom cleaner than having everything in its own place. There are many storage options like traditional closed floor cabinets, floating and hanging shelving to keep your bathroom decluttered and spacious.

2022’s trends bring back the desire to feel relaxed and be close to nature. Warm colors of nature, elements that bring peace and freshness – this is all what modern bathrooms have become. Be bold and creative, try mixing styles and design trends to get the bathroom style that is uniquely yours.

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