Ultimate Guide to The Perfect Avocado Toast

The History Behind

Avocado toast is well-known around the world, but let’s talk about its history. Bill Granger, an Australian self-taught cook, claims that he was the first to serve the avocado toast at his restaurant during the 90s. Chloe Osborne, a chef from New York, claims that she served avocado toast in her restaurant during the 70s. Meanwhile, Best Drugs Inc. served sandwiches with sliced avocados in the late 30s. So, we can conclude that the origins of avocado toast go back in time for hundreds of years, but it only started to gain popularity in the 2010s. During the years it became everyone’s loved snack or breakfast. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who aren’t fond of avocado toast and that’s also normal, as tastes differ.

As you would understand from this article, I can’t get enough of avocado toast. It is tasty and contains healthy and unsaturated fats. If you haven’t had avocado toasts yet, you are missing one of the most delicious meals of your life. There are a lot of ways to make avocado toasts, but the best one is still the simplest one. Without further ado, let’s find out how to make the perfect avocado toast.

Servings: 1



Searching for Avocados

As we all know avocados are always a surprise on the inside. So you need to find and pick the right one. The avocado must be ripe and soft, but not overripe and mushy. That is the right ripeness of the avocado. If you picked the one that is a little bit harder, you can wrap it in brown paper and wait until it gets softer. It would be great if you buy several avocados of various ripeness. In this case, you can use one for each day. If you see some brown bits after you cut and open the avocado, scoop them out before starting.

Making The Avocado Mash

The next step is slicing and mashing avocados. Slice the avocado in two halves and twist to open it. Use the knife to remove the pit. Hold the avocado in one hand and lightly tap on the pit with a knife, twist and remove the pit. After removing it, scoop the flesh out with a spoon and start mashing avocado in a separate bowl with a fork. Don’t mash it on the bread as you can make holes in it. Add some salt and continue mashing.

Mashing is one of the variants of making avocado. If you want it to look prettier you can cut the avocado into thin slices. It will give the toast a more aesthetic look.

making avocado mesh

Toasting the Bread is Key

The quality of the bread is as important as that of avocado. To make the best avocado toast you need to choose sturdy, thick-sliced, whole grain bread. Sturdy bread is a good and strong base, it holds the avocado and other toppings. If you don’t have this kind of bread then you can use anything you have on hand. First, you need to toast the bread until it gets golden and crispy on the edges. In that way, you can enjoy the amazing combination of creamy avocado and crispy bread.

Avocado Toast with Fried Egg

There are a lot of variations of avocado toast. You have already read the simplest recipe, but we are going to share one more with you. It is avocado toast with eggs. It is as simple as casual avocado toast but much tastier. Just take the simple avocado toast and add a fried egg on top.

You may think that the fried egg is one of the simplest things to make, but it also has some tricks that you can use.

Here is the way to make the best-fried egg. Melt butter on the pan, crack the egg, and wait until the whites get firm.  After that, softly add butter to the egg. Wait for several minutes until the egg gets fried. If you like the eggs to be firm, then you need to cook it for 4-5 minutes. If you like it to be softer, then cook it a little bit less. So the fried egg is ready. Put it on the avocado mash and don’t forget to add freshly ground pepper on top.

Street Corn Avocado Toast

Avocado toasts go well with Mexican flavors. That’s why this variation is very popular. You will need such ingredients as corn, cotija cheese, red and black pepper flakes. You can use both fresh and frozen corns. If you want to use fresh corn on the cab, you can make it in two ways. First way is grilling the corn and the cutting the cob off. Second one is cutting the corn first and then frying it in a pan. But if you want to use frozen corn, you can either cook it on a frying pan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil or microwave it for 30-35 seconds and add some butter.  That’s it, the corn is ready. You need to make simple avocado toast, as described above, and top it with the corn, cotija cheese and red and black pepper flakes. If you love pickled onions, you can add them to make it more delicious.

There you have it, the perfect avocado toast recipe to make you an avocado lover like millions of people around the world. If you are making it for the fir the first time you are in for a treat as it’s going to become your favorite go-to breakfast but if you are a fan of avocado toasts like me and you want to try out more variations, then just use your imagination and make your own creations (just don’t forget the actual avocado).

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